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"Serving you so you can serve your patrons".


ELC Holdings LLC.

ELC Food Service
ELC Produce
ELC International
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ELC Food Service.

So Fresh!!
Pantry Staples

ELC International

Export & Import

Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

ELC Produce

Always Fresh!!!

"ELC is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for your business needs, from high-quality food materials and competitive pricing to prompt supply and branding support. We are dedicated to ensuring the success of your business through our reliable and efficient services."

ELC Family Office

Why ELC ???


Quality verification: Through cooperation with ELC Food Service, you can use high-quality food materials. This allows you to maintain consistent taste and quality.

Competitive pricing: ELC Food Service operates through continuous efforts to develop vendors and negotiate deals to reduce costs, and this competitiveness will soon become your competitiveness.

Prompt supply: ELC Food Service prioritizes you and will establish a fast delivery and supply system with material suppliers to prevent inventory shortages. We will always maintain a certain proportion of inventory for the required items by you

Branding: ELC International, a subsidiary of ELC Food Service, will operate dedicated advertising vehicles and develop various goods exclusively for you to provide marketing support.